Comments Policy

Just want to take a moment and touch on the topic of comments to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  • I love comments. Comments from the readership is just as important to the discussion as is the blog post. Bear that responsibility in mind.
  • Everyone is welcome to post relevant comments. Beginners to pros are all welcome, and I must insist that everyone have respect for individual milestones. (Ex: A 5K might be easy for a ten-time marahoner, but there’s no need to scoff and belittle the 5Ker. The 5K was a milestone to him/her.)
  • I don’t mind, and in fact rather encourage, placing links to relevant posts in the comments section with an explanation, but I certainly delete spam.
  • I don’t mind strong language, but delete mean or abusive comments.
  • The best comments are left in the spirit of fostering discussion, not to be self-serving. Spammy comments will be deleted.
  • I am not crazy about anonymous comments. If you believe in what you are saying enough to take the time to leave a comment, show that you have the personal strength to claim your comment by doing so. Online or blog identity is fine, but I find it rude to leave a comment without claiming it as your own.

Coments add to your own online profile, and represent who you are and what you stand for. Comment well, be as well-mannered as you would in a face-to-face conversation, and we’re all going to get along fine.


Q: Who is behind Bonkless?

A: Bonkless is written by Amy Guth. You can read about her here.

Q: What does Bonkless mean?

A: In endurance sports, particularly cycling and running, “bonk” or “hitting the wall” refers to an awful moment when an athlete experiences depleted glycogen levels in the liver and muscles and suffers from energy loss. Bonkless is a cheeky term to imply someone has trained and continues to train smartly and well, and has a high degree of physical and mental strength and stamina to avoid said bonk.

Q: Will Bonkless review my products or cover (or enter) my endurance or fitness-related event?

A: In most cases, yes. Please email with specifics.

Q: Who designed the Bonkless blog header?

A: Momma’s Boy Design did it.

Q: May I republish posts from Bonkless on my own Blog?

A: You may not republish posts from Bonkless without direct permission. Feel free to quote from this blog (within reason, of course) with a link to it as a source.