The Rehab Diaries: Ouch

car-crashWhile in Pittsburgh, I got into a car crash. Luckily it wasn’t my doing, and the other driver was insured and apologetic. But, the fact remains that something is wrong with my neck, ny hip, the right side of my torso and lower back. Granted, it could have been far worse– far worse, as I did make my way home to Chicago the following day solo via rental car–but I did get a bit banged up.

I’ll spare you the specifics, but after a visit with trusted Dr. V & The Wellness Crew and some x-rays, I’ve bought myself a one-way ticket to quite a bit of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Quite a bit. Holy cow. It’s a lot, but I need it and I know it.

I’m disappointed; a few days before the accident I ran the strongest and fastest miles of my entire life. But, I’m going to make the best of it, come back stronger and better and just as active and healthy as ever. But, it might suck in the interim. I’ll keep you posted.

One Response

  1. Amy, as you already know, life is one big continual rehab.

    Twenty nine years ago I broke my left femur jumping out of a burning car at 45 miles an hour.

    Don’t ask.

    I still have said rod in my femur because, frankly, I don’t want anybody cutting into my leg again. And the food in hospitals isn’t any better now than it was then.

    That little incident was worth three months of so-called rehab…but let’s face it, it’s been twenty nine years of rehab.

    Oh, and I do pick up short wave broadcasts from Radio Krakow in my left leg on cloudy nights. Good thing I speak Polish, eh. And I do love Chopin.

    Anyway, this is just my long winded way of saying you are living proof of Nietzsche’s phrase about what makes you stronger.

    That, and your dauntless sense of humor.

    BTW during my fifteen mile solo lope along the Ottawa River tomorrow, I’ll run some sprints for you…and project wellness in your direction.

    You’ll be back in action before you can say, “Oy!”

    All the best,


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