The Rehab Diaries: Placeholders

Let’s not kid ourselves, as I mentioned briefly several days ago, being benched with an injury can lead to feelings of isolation and restlessness, as often, our running partners are our support system, running itself is a balancing force and stress-reducer, and sometimes, we don’t realize how large a role our fitness plays in our lives until we’re rehabilitating from an injury and thus, prohibited from it.

My old running pal, Lydia, broke her leg a while back and was completely laid-up and off running for several months. Anytime she felt restless, or blue, or blah, or excluded from running with her regular running group, or when she just plain missed running, she did a very funny thing, and just today, she emailed to remind me of her trick. It’s very silly, but that’s part of the point. What did she do, you ask? She watched the opening scene from Chariots of Fire because, she says, “It is as flippin’ close to running with a group as you can get without, you know, running with a group.”

As I said, it feels a little silly to hear the themesong, as most of us probably have so many comedic associations with it by now. But in any case, Lydia has a point:

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