Fight The Bonk: Thanks, Powerbar

peanut_butterThe peanut butter recall has many athletes, myself included, in a bind. Peanut butter, after all, is a powerfood many of us rely on straight, on a bagel, and in our energy bars. Finding out whether or not our favorite peanut butter/energy bar/whatever is supplied by the facility under recall doesn’t require a ton of sleuthing but Powerbar has made it easy for us, anyway:

We would like to take a moment to reassure you that none of our PowerBar products are affected by the recent reports of salmonella found in certain types of peanut butter and peanut paste ingredients traced to Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), the company that announced a nationwide recall of peanut butter. It is important to know that PowerBar does not purchase or source any peanut butter-based ingredients from PCA.

Consumer safety is our top priority and we utilize extensive quality control processes and checkpoints to ensure our products are in full compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements.

We’re passionate about sports and fitness. That’s why we started PowerBar to begin with-to help athletes like you reach your goals by providing trusted, proven nutritional products.

For the full safety release, visit:

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The Rehab Diaries: Slap Happy

Want to know what else to do when off running and working out and strictly prohibited from any challenging activity besides physical therapy?

You scour the web for completely ridiculous fitness video clips, that’s what.