What’s Your Dream Race?

picture-1For me, my dream race is to run the Great Wall (as in “of China”) Marathon . For a while, I thought I wanted to add the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon, but nah. I want to climb Kilimanjaro, not run around it, so the Great Wall Marathon it is, with the Athens Marathon a close second.  Of course, there are others, too. I’d love to run relays, because I think I’d do a good job in a relay. I’d love to run a marathon in every state I’ve ever lived. Heck, I’d love to run a marathon in every state, period. Or maybe a half-marathon in 25 states. And, maybe just once (twice if I like it) I’d like to do a silly race, like on a theme wave of the Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Race, or the Beat Beethoven Race, or that one in Iowa where time gets subtracted off your race for every doughnut you eat at water stops.

What about you, readers dear? What are you dream races? C’mon. Let’s hear it.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve been thinking about this one for quite some time, and the best answer I have (so far) is: any 10k and any half-marathon where I do reasonably well.
    Cop-out answer, I know, but so many “normal” races look so good to me: the Rock & Roll races, the Shamrock Shuffle, etc etc. If it’s got a good logo, a cool crowd and a flat course, I’m interested.
    I may very well be doing the San Diego Mud Run this month, which falls into the “unique” category. Other than that, I think I have to take a better look at what’s out there before I have my *real* answer.

  2. I’ve been lucky, I’ve run two “dream races” already–my first Chicago marathon in 1999, and then running as one of the running Elvi at the Las Vegas half marathon in 2007.

    I think the Dublin marathon might be a dream race, and there’s a race through Death Valley that appeals…

  3. Thanks, Amy, for mentioning Chip’s Not Dead Yet! I’m one of the organizers, and also a runner.

    I, too, have been lucky enough to complete a dream race. In 2007, I ran the Marazione di Firenze. In the future, I would looove to do the Bordeaux Marathon, during which wine is served. And it would be sweet to try one of the rock and roll races. Actually, one of the wonderful women from the BC Children’s Hospital is an avid runner and she mentioned going down to San Diego for the May event. http://www.rnrmarathon.com/

    Obviously, the two of us are both excited about Chip’s Not Dead Yet, as we’ll get to run in a race we’ve helped to organize–that’ll be a first for me.

    Speaking of dream races, if this isn’t too shamelessly self-promoting, do check out the Chip’s video contest at http://www.cndy.ca–Vancouverites have been challenged to come up with their OWN idea for a theme wave. We would love it if you submitted your “dream wave,” and helped us support BC Children’s.

    Thanks again. Keep dreaming!

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