Race Profile: The Military Marathons

I’m not going to lie: I think the military races are badass. And, I can’t imagine I won’t feel badass after completing them all, which is a goal on the ol’ lifetime to do list. Here’s the scoop:

US Air Force Marathon, Sept. 19th: Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton OH
Race info and course map here.
Super-bonkfighting power: Aircraft flyovers during the race and deployed-location simultaneous races.

Army Ten-Miler, Oct. 4th, Arlington, VA/Washington, DC
Race info and course map here.
Super-bonkfighting power: Finisher coin in lieu of medal, course is a great tour of Washington, DC; it begins and ends at the Pentagon.

US Marine Corps Marathon, Oct. 25th: Arlington, VA/Washington, DC
Race info and course map here.
Super-bonkfighting power: Hills are ugly but early, course is a total tour of Washington DC and finish is at US Marine Corps War Memorial.

Fight The Bonk: Tight Shoulders = Slower Pace

stretchSpending time hunched over the laptop and the general stress of certain jobs (or, the absence thereof, as the case seems to be all too often lately) causes tension in the neck and shoulders, which, believe it or not, carries over to running. Granted, running, as those of us initiated already know, eats stress nicely, but still! The bonkfighter is all about being proactive, no?

When you have stiff shoulders due to tension, it limits the ability to swing arms freely forwards and back. When this happens, the arms take a less neutral side to side motion, which does not a lot to propel the body forward and mostly just wastes precious energy and causes unnecessary fatigue.

However! Try this:

  • Take mini-stretch breaks throughout work time. Seems minor, but matters.
  • Lower right ear to right shoulder. Press gently on your left temple with our fingertips. Hold, release, and repeat ten times on each side. Aim for a stretch here, not a neck-crack.
  • Raise right arm up, keeping elbow locked straight and palm facing forward. Hold arm between your elbow and shoulder with your left hand. Pull (gently please!), hold, release, and repeat ten times on each side.

Twice a day, then, do the following to strengthen the shoulders:

  • Let your arms hang relaxed at your sides with your palms facing in. In one slow, constant motion, rotate your shoulders up, backward, downward and forward, bringing them toward each other. Hold them for a second. Do it in reverse, rolling shoulders until arms return to starting position. Do two sets of ten reps. Hold dumbells to make it more challenging as strength improves.

Bonkfighter: HellaSound Rocks (and Reads)

Bonkfighters! Do make a point to stop over at HellaSound when you have a moment.

(A) Yours truly has reviewed a runnerly book, Personal Record by Rachel Toor, over there. But that’s secondary to the next item:

(B) Mega-announcement from HellaSound! HellaSound now has some of its fancy running music available. “Fancy” because it is customizable to fit your pace, which you can determine with a rather innovative built-in pace calculator, if need be. Very, very cool. Check it out.

Fight The Bonk?: Watch Me Try, Anyway

Folks, along with some other ladies, yours truly, Bonkless, will be streaming live on Sleepover 2.0 today (Saturday) from 4pm until tomorrow (Sunday) until 10am, from the Chairman’s Suite of Chicago’s Hotel Sax. To view, tune in on this website or Sleepover 2.0’s UStream channel. The plan is to stay awake and live-stream all night, so I’ll be trying my hardest to fight the sleep bonk, and fight the sleep deprivation crazies. We shall see.

For a more interactive viewing experience, join the live chat on UStream or contact the suite using Sleepover 2.0’s ooVoo channel, Sleepover20— with a broadband connection viewers can then interact not only with the Sleepover 2.0 group, but with other viewers during the event, as well– think dance-offs, sportscaster-like commentary and emcee battles! Also, be sure to follow @Sleepover20 on Twitter, as well as the Sleepover 2.0 participants individually, or check-in throughout the event by email at sleepoverchi [at] gmail [dot] com.

Gear Check: Back On OnlineShoes.tv

I’m happily back again on OnlineShoes, this time talking about odds and ends going on lately, only explaining said odds and ends via my shoes.

Originally posted on OnlineShoes and cross-posted on Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again.