Training: Marquis de Sade

marquis_de_sade_tshirt-p235494237771224733qw9u_400Listen to me: This is called the Marquis de Sade for a reason.

I don’t endorse anyone who wants to do this drill more than, say, once per month, for the record. Let me just open by saying that. And then, only really do it if you really want to be badass and push the envelope and kick everything up a notch. Because that’s what it’s for; it’s hard work, but it’s really effective. So get your head in the right place before you try it, is what I’m saying. Here’s how it goes:

Run 400 meters at just under 5-K race pace; then easy run 400 meters.

Run 300 meters at one-mile pace; then easy run 300 meters.

Run 200 meters at slightly faster than one-mile pace; then easy run 200 meters.

Run 100 meters at close to all out (but still not quite a full sprint); easy run 100 meters.

Now do it twice more. Not enough? Not swearing up a storm yet? Then easy run 400 meters and do one or two more sets. But– and you must listen to me– that’s it. Nothing else. Nothing. Nada. Zip.