Fitness and Weight Print Ads

You know me, cultural critic of advertising’s messages and tools. Meh, I accept this.

What are your thoughts on Men’s Fitness’ photo list of highlights from fitness print ads? I like the Powerhouse Gym’s use of cranes, and The Fitness Company’s depiction of a gym lifting on a subway train. Both are about positive additions to one’s life and health and strength.

But the others, the Slim Fast disappearing act and the Weight Watcher’s wide door ads seem a little unsettling and, well, dangerous and mean-spirited, respectively. Where the gym ads are constructive and about strength, the weight-based ads seem to work off linking comfort/embarrassment and size. And, the Slim Fast ad was too close to the controversy several years ago around the ProForm collapsible treadmill ad which declared “Soon, you’ll both be taking up less space“… which I’ve always thought was in bad taste.

Anyway, the things to consider is that while Men’s Fitness lumped all of these ads together as “fitness ads”, a distinction should be made that there are weight loss ads and conditioning ads. Often linked, but still not the same topic.

Let us discuss.

Bling: Big Marathon Finisher Medals

littlerockI have now held a 2009 Little Rock finisher medal. It’s serious. Like Flavor Flav clocklace serious. Like most runners, I dig the bling.

So, for this new featue, which we’ll call simply “Bling”, let us begin with some of the larger finisher medals. Aside from Little Rock, which claims the biggest medal, the Quad Cities medal isn’t too shabby, either. The ING Atlanta is impressive if you’re into Georgia, and the Tupelo medal is nothing if not just intimidating enough to want to earn, especially if earned in tandem with the treasure map-medal from the Outer Banks race.

But surely there are more, dear bonkfighters. Which huge finisher medals do you know about, or better yet, which huge finisher medals have you earned? Comments and links to pics welcome.