Run Green, Greener and Green-ish

greenWhat I dig about this article from Runner’s World is that is gives options for varying degrees of greening up one’s running. For example:


Good: Buy powdered sports drinks and mix them yourself.
Better: Wave away plastic race cups by carrying your own water in a secure container (like Amphipod’s Hydraform Handheld Pockets).
Best: Use reusable bottles instead of throwaway plastic water bottles.

See the rest at Runner’s World.

Lakefront parking meters

In Chicago, many runners are rather peeved (to put it quite mildly) about the lakefront parking meters which are about to be installed at lakefront parking areas.  Some are calling it a class issue– that installing the expensive meters along the lake which line the rest of the streets in the Chicago will serve only to limit lakefront recreation to those who can afford to feed the meter– while some call it just a matter of the city’s enthusiastic efforts to generate a lot of revenue from parking and ticketing, while many say it’s really a bit of both.

But for my parking quarters, my first thought was about my running route, I’ll confess.

Let’s say the meters allow two hours of parking at a stretch. To a runner, that means we can run only an hour away before we must loop back to feed the meter. Which might be okay for elite athletes and shorter-distance runners, but for those of us who aim for longer mileage in our running, this is going to make for some boring runs in the same circles over and over and over. Ugh.

And what of bicyclists? I know a ton of cyclists who park, then ride for hours out, then back. Or parents? I know parents who opted to bring their children to the beach during the summer for little more than the cost of a mid-day cooler picnic. Are they going to leave their children unsupervised on the beach while they go plug the meter? Of course not. They’ll pack the kids up and head home after only a short time. Great.

I can’t help but wonder how the new parking meters will challenge the fitness and recreation of Chicagoans. And not in a good way.

Daydreaming on the train home tonight, I thought of organizing a group of runners and bikers to stagger our take-off times in order to feed meters of the group, but then I returned to daydreaming about open parking like we have for a few more weeks.