The rehab diaries: part bajillion

I’m heading to physical therapy tonight. Again. And, I’m dreading it. Again. There is something in the athletic mindset that fight physical therapy’s gentler approach. We push ourselves, we want results. Physical therapy, at least my experience of it, is an exercise in patience and trusting that things are improving, even wen absolutely nothing feels different or better at all.


Granted, I’m rehabbin’ my hip/lower back still, but I spent this past weekend in Bozeman, MT and Yellowstone National Park walking around, breathing good clean mountain air, and hanging out with my brother.

I really must get back there to do some serious hiking sometime soon.

Feel free to check out my Flickr set from the weekend.

Chicago marathon weekend!

I’ll be at the Chicago marathon expo tomorrow to check it all out. Follow me on Twitter for info in real-time, or check-in next week for my Chicago marathon expo post here on Bonkless, where, just like last year, I’ll check out all the gadgets and vendors and report back with everything.

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Have a great race everyone!