Rehab diaries: The bounce-back kid, part 2

Another corner turned, to be sure.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym at work. And luckier still to have some fitness-minded coworkers, one in particular, keen to see my fitness comeback. So, I’ve been hitting the gym often again, just like in the old days (And by “the old days” I mean, not that long ago.), usually with a coworker who knows far more about weight training that yours truly.

At first, while trying to run again on the treadmill felt exciting and relieving, returning to weights felt discouraging in that I realized just how far I’d fallen having to stay out of the gym all this time. So, the first cycle of workouts were awful: light weights, low reps, even straining to do what was quite simple months ago. But, after the the first cycle of workouts, I started to feel my muscles start to slowly begin to shift from sore and horribly untrained (as if every shred of athletic conditioning had simply never happened) to yesterday’s joy: Yesterday I felt tighter muscles working with me, not against me.

It’s been a ridiculous time getting back to this point. I’ll admit that I felt completely disconnected from my runner friends. For months, even while in physical therapy and seeing a bit of progress, I didn’t feel like an athlete anymore. And, I built a lot more of my life on that mindset that I was perhaps able to admit before the injury. I largely ignored the blogs and websites I read daily before because they didn’t feel as the same to me as they did in earlier, fitter, uninjured times.

But, to hell with all that. As much as it has felt very one step forward, two steps back for months, I think (hope) the corner is finally turned.

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