Early morning hours

It’s funny to me how I started Bonkless to write about running and fitness tips and tricks, and here it’s become all about my injury and path back to fitness lately. Eh well, I believe in letting blogs expand into different areas as they please, so in any event, here we are.

I was at the gym at 7 a.m. this morning for a hard upper body, cardio and abs workout, which was great. I love starting the day both ahead of schedule and with a workout. As my workout buddy says of working out first thing int he morning, “You’ll already have done the hardest thing you’re going to do all day.”

Plus, there is something really satisfying to me about being up, dressed and out of the house before the sun comes up, don’t you think?

Rehab diaries: so, so close

I’m so close to not being injured anymore that it’s driving me crazy with excitement.I’ve been hitting the gym at my office, alternating upper and core and lower and core, and, bit by bit, all of that hard work is starting to manifest results.

Speaking of manifest, I’m a big fan of taking my brain through my goals. Before I run a race, I visualize the sections of the race as if I’m running them. Before I take on a fitness challenge, I visualize myself kicking ass as it. It’s not nearly as new agey as it might sound, and for me, it gives me a slight advantage: my brain seeing how doable the task ahead is before I try my hand at it.

So, yesterday, a group of people assembled, many strangers until yesterday, and whipped through magazines, books and newspaper we each toted along and assembled some goals in a visual way. We each threw together basically a collage of images that represented our goals for the year ahead.

I didn’t pay much attention to selecting images that represented anything, deciding instead to just grab images and words that appealed to me and that seemed interesting to me, throw them together and then see what it all meant.

Needless to say, my lovely collage is peppered with chicks kicking ass, strong abs, tight rear-ends, buff arms and athletic women with arms raised in victory.

I’ll take that.

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