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A handful of years ago, a car accident delivered a pretty respectable smack-down on one of my knees. (Bonk!) It also changed the way I think about fitness and the accessibility of endurance sports. You see, the orthopedic surgeon who whipped my poor crunched knee back into shape made a comment, mostly in jest, mind you, that changed everything.

“Hope you weren’t planning to run a marathon or anything.” (Bonk!)

Before the accident, I was fairly active, for the most part. I made healthy choices at least half of the time, and once in a while, I’d slog through a 5K race. I thought, from time to time, about running a longer race, but, eh, I’d say to myself, marathons are for elite runners.

But, after the accident, with a new appreciation for the body’s ability to heal and adapt, the motivation to learn to run correctly, and, let’s be honest, the word “marathon” ringing in my ears, I trained through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training Program and raised several thousand dollars for the organization. The orthopedic surgeon, of course, donated to the cause without hesitation and seven months after the car accident, I ran my first marathon.

And that was how it started. I’ve been running races and participating in events ever since.

I’m Amy Guth. I’m an author, editor, publisher and blogger and you can read all about that on my website. I’m also gung-ho about fitness, philanthropy and life-balance,and usually on the lookout for ways to conbine all of those things. Most of the time, it works out pretty well.

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