Early morning hours

It’s funny to me how I started Bonkless to write about running and fitness tips and tricks, and here it’s become all about my injury and path back to fitness lately. Eh well, I believe in letting blogs expand into different areas as they please, so in any event, here we are.

I was at the gym at 7 a.m. this morning for a hard upper body, cardio and abs workout, which was great. I love starting the day both ahead of schedule and with a workout. As my workout buddy says of working out first thing int he morning, “You’ll already have done the hardest thing you’re going to do all day.”

Plus, there is something really satisfying to me about being up, dressed and out of the house before the sun comes up, don’t you think?

Rehab diaries: so, so close

I’m so close to not being injured anymore that it’s driving me crazy with excitement.I’ve been hitting the gym at my office, alternating upper and core and lower and core, and, bit by bit, all of that hard work is starting to manifest results.

Speaking of manifest, I’m a big fan of taking my brain through my goals. Before I run a race, I visualize the sections of the race as if I’m running them. Before I take on a fitness challenge, I visualize myself kicking ass as it. It’s not nearly as new agey as it might sound, and for me, it gives me a slight advantage: my brain seeing how doable the task ahead is before I try my hand at it.

So, yesterday, a group of people assembled, many strangers until yesterday, and whipped through magazines, books and newspaper we each toted along and assembled some goals in a visual way. We each threw together basically a collage of images that represented our goals for the year ahead.

I didn’t pay much attention to selecting images that represented anything, deciding instead to just grab images and words that appealed to me and that seemed interesting to me, throw them together and then see what it all meant.

Needless to say, my lovely collage is peppered with chicks kicking ass, strong abs, tight rear-ends, buff arms and athletic women with arms raised in victory.

I’ll take that.

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Rehab diaries: the bounce back kid

After hobbling, and after having to make myself totally stay out of the gym: I’m back.

Granted, it’s tough to go from being in great shape to being feeling like I have to start over fitness-wise post-injury. I had a great workout today, yet I could feel where exercises felt challenging with lower-than-usual resistance. But, that’s okay; it just shows me where to do the most work. I’ll get back to as fit as I was before my wreck last year.

(Sidebar: it was a year ago Thursday, that car accident that started this whole mess. )

So, in summary: I feel  the lost time for which I need to make up from being largely on the fitness sidelines this past year, but my head is in the game to get back that smart and fast.

Who knows, maybe I’ll come back better than I was before. That would be ideal, fer shur.

Fight The Bonk: 12-Week Fitness Challenge Redux

I took on a mega-fitness challenge, but my timing sucked. As some  of you may know, when I’m not running, I am a literary blogger, author, editor and festival founder. Well, in the calm before the storm of the literary festival, in March, I took on a modified version of the Body for Life 12-week Fitness Challenge.

Well, that was kind of dumb timing. But, it had its good points. For one, I was working out and not stressing out through the festival in late May, which is also known as my busiest time of the year. But, it did lessen my workout focus in the week that followed, when I was planning for live stream author interviews at Printers Row Lit Fest. But, that’s ok.

A blog I really love is Slow Mofo, by John Frenette of HellaSound. One thing I like so much about his blog is that Frenette isn’t afraid to try new things and doesn’t blame himself when said new things don’t go to the letter. Because, really, what does ever go exactly as planned? Right.

So, with that in mind, I’m starting over. Granted, I’ve never really been in terrible shape but I’m in better shape than I was when I first started the fitness challenge back in late March. So, I’m not starting from the same place this time. So what? I’m starting again, in any case. Part of the fitness challenge is to photograph oneself at the beginning and end of the challenge. On my first time at bat with the challenge, I did Day Zero photos, and was shocked when my halfway point photos looked exactly the same. But, that’s also okay. I could feel a difference, and really saw a difference in my running economy, and that’s what counts.

And why, prey tell, am I doing this? Why not. I mean, really, why not? I’m active and in shape, but I think it’s time to bring it up a notch. I don’t want to just be fit, I want to be strong, have better running economy, expand my fitness activity horizons and be in better health. And, I don’t want to stop at the 12-week challenge. Nope. I want to declare this the summer of uber-cross training and of expanding my fitness horizons.

So, the new 12-week Fitness Challenge is on. It’s inspired by the Body For Life program, but I’m adding to it for variety. And, I’ll document it all here. Because, you know, why not?

Bonkfighter: HellaSound Rocks (and Reads)

Bonkfighters! Do make a point to stop over at HellaSound when you have a moment.

(A) Yours truly has reviewed a runnerly book, Personal Record by Rachel Toor, over there. But that’s secondary to the next item:

(B) Mega-announcement from HellaSound! HellaSound now has some of its fancy running music available. “Fancy” because it is customizable to fit your pace, which you can determine with a rather innovative built-in pace calculator, if need be. Very, very cool. Check it out.

What’s Your Dream Race?

picture-1For me, my dream race is to run the Great Wall (as in “of China”) Marathon . For a while, I thought I wanted to add the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon, but nah. I want to climb Kilimanjaro, not run around it, so the Great Wall Marathon it is, with the Athens Marathon a close second.  Of course, there are others, too. I’d love to run relays, because I think I’d do a good job in a relay. I’d love to run a marathon in every state I’ve ever lived. Heck, I’d love to run a marathon in every state, period. Or maybe a half-marathon in 25 states. And, maybe just once (twice if I like it) I’d like to do a silly race, like on a theme wave of the Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Race, or the Beat Beethoven Race, or that one in Iowa where time gets subtracted off your race for every doughnut you eat at water stops.

What about you, readers dear? What are you dream races? C’mon. Let’s hear it.

The Rehab Diaries: Placeholders

Let’s not kid ourselves, as I mentioned briefly several days ago, being benched with an injury can lead to feelings of isolation and restlessness, as often, our running partners are our support system, running itself is a balancing force and stress-reducer, and sometimes, we don’t realize how large a role our fitness plays in our lives until we’re rehabilitating from an injury and thus, prohibited from it.

My old running pal, Lydia, broke her leg a while back and was completely laid-up and off running for several months. Anytime she felt restless, or blue, or blah, or excluded from running with her regular running group, or when she just plain missed running, she did a very funny thing, and just today, she emailed to remind me of her trick. It’s very silly, but that’s part of the point. What did she do, you ask? She watched the opening scene from Chariots of Fire because, she says, “It is as flippin’ close to running with a group as you can get without, you know, running with a group.”

As I said, it feels a little silly to hear the themesong, as most of us probably have so many comedic associations with it by now. But in any case, Lydia has a point: