The Round-Up

calNovember was, to say the least, a rather lively month here at Bonkless!

We ushered in the month with the Presidential election, and I had the most heart-warming conversation with a little old lady at my gym that served as a beautiful reminder that it’s never to late to try something new. A bonkfighter we know had a little mid-race water-stop mishap and prompted me to examine water stop etiquette. I think most of us were still processing the Chicago Expo Recap megapost and all of its treasures when the Airport Gyms post was honored with a mention in a Wall Street Journal blog, Middle Seat Terminal. We met and chated with Jeff Clark, the marathoning truck driver, who is taking the health of the North American trucking industry very personally. We then took a trip to Pittsburgh, and though it wasn’t an ideal trip for me personally, as I left more than a little banged up and had to leave behind a very wrecked car (not my fault). But, the fact remains that it’s a lovely place to visit, and I imagine it’s an excellent place to do some hill work (Just watch out for something popularly known to the locals as “The Pittsburgh Left”.. bonk!). Finally, we finished out the month with Thanksgiving and the general feeling that people came out in record numbers for Turkey Trots across the country. And we like that!

The Rehab Diaries: Ouch

car-crashWhile in Pittsburgh, I got into a car crash. Luckily it wasn’t my doing, and the other driver was insured and apologetic. But, the fact remains that something is wrong with my neck, ny hip, the right side of my torso and lower back. Granted, it could have been far worse– far worse, as I did make my way home to Chicago the following day solo via rental car–but I did get a bit banged up.

I’ll spare you the specifics, but after a visit with trusted Dr. V & The Wellness Crew and some x-rays, I’ve bought myself a one-way ticket to quite a bit of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Quite a bit. Holy cow. It’s a lot, but I need it and I know it.

I’m disappointed; a few days before the accident I ran the strongest and fastest miles of my entire life. But, I’m going to make the best of it, come back stronger and better and just as active and healthy as ever. But, it might suck in the interim. I’ll keep you posted.

On The Road: A (Track and) Field Guide To Pittsburgh

pittsI’m in Pittsburgh to speak/read and since I’m in (as per usual) in full training mode for the St. Jude’s race in Memphis in a few weeks, I scouted out some running options. Luckily, a back-issue (May) of Runner’s World hooked me up.

Pittsburgh Routes:

3.75 mile run: Start at 11th and Smallman Streets and head east on Smallman. Make a right on 21st Street. Turn left on Penn Ave and continue to the fork at 34th street. Turn around and return to the start. You’ll see a statue of a WWI soldier near the turnaround.

4.7 mile run: Head east on the path north of the Allegheny River and east of the 6th Street bridge. Turn right on the footbridge ramp. Follow the trail around the island. Make left turns after the railroad bridge, after the parking lot, and at Waterfront Circle. Turn right to pick up the trail and return to the start.

5.5 mile run: Start at the northeast corner of Carson and Smithfield Streets. Make right turns on the Smithfield St. Bridge, Fort Pitt Blvd., and the Eliza Furnace Trail (the “Jail Trail”). Turn right on the Hot Metal Bridge. Make right turns on Water Street and the dirt path. Make left turns on the South Side Trail and 4th Street Turn right on McKean Street and turn left on 1st St. Take a right on Carson and return to the start.

Local Bonkfighters: People Who Run Pittsburgh


TriZilla, 15 Freeport Rd; Fleet Feet Sports, 1751 N. Highland Road

Elite Runners and Walkers, 5992 Steubenville Pike